Anna Hanks has a broad background in fitness and movement. As a former competitive dancer, choreographer and stage actor, she led a healthy life beginning at a young age. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost four years ago, Anna decided that moving forward, she was the one in charge of her health. Anna is now a Certified Holistic Health Coach, with expertise revolving around nutrition, diet and fitness, with a focus on a healthy lifestyle and choices. 

Prior to her Celiac diagnosis, Anna began to struggle with keeping her immune system strong - frequently suffering from reoccurring sinus infections, strep throat and colds. Finally, after giving up gluten and other common allergen foods, Anna began to feel healthy from the inside out, learning how to thrive with an autoimmune disorder. 

After moving to NYC in 2012, Anna completed the health-coaching program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and graduated as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Through her health coaching, Anna helps her clients see the "bigger picture" of their concerns, encouraging them to focus on specific goals, moving forward one step at a time. To this day, she continues to explore what foods work best for each client's body to keep up with aging and growth. Anna's main motto is "food for one person is medicine, while it may be someone else's poison, because no two people are the same." With a greater understanding resulting from her own challenges, Anna focuses on helping her clients create a personal, healthy lifestyle tailored to their own unique set of needs and goals. 

With continued education, Anna believes that bringing awareness to others is her true calling. When asked about her "goal" as a health coach, Anna's response is, "My primary purpose of assisting those in need, is to create space in people's lives by crowding out all the bad choices, and making plenty of room for the good. That's what we long for as humans, to be living life, living in the light."


Photo by Jay Sullivan - Copyright Jay Sullivan Photography 2014